Fun Friday Post

Not gonna lie, this has been a rough week for me, and I’m having a difficult time coming up with some favorite things. I know that, in reality, there were way more than five, and it should be easy. Let’s see what sticks out and is share-worthy:

My boyfriend.

I have a really awesome boyfriend who is incredibly patient with me. I’ve had some awful mood swings related to medication, and I know I haven’t been that pleasant. But that’s part of a relationship, loving each other even when you don’t necessarily like each other 🙂

New yoga poses

I figured out these two versions of this yoga pose this week. Kapotasana and eka pada kapotasana are great backbends and heart-openers, and they also really open the hip flexors. I’ve noticed that backbends and inversions help lift my mood when I’m feeling down, so I’ve been doing a lot of them this week.



Open-mic night:

On Tuesday, I went with my boyfriend to an open-mic night at a local restaurant. It was really fun. I love how positive people are at these events. Everybody supports each other and gives lots of positive feedback.

This song! It is so fun and upbeat. I know people who find it obnoxious, but I love it.

I am Malala:

images (1)

I just finished Malala Yousafzai’s autobiography this morning. She is such an inspiring young girl and I believe that she has even more to offer the world.

I’m feeling much better today, and I’m planning on having an awesome weekend to make up for this less than awesome week. I hope you all do the same, and Happy Father’s day on Sunday!


One thought on “Fun Friday Post

  1. Definitely going to try those poses (y) and it feels so good to be the part of Malala’s country 😀

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